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» 5 New WW2 Game Locations That We Need To Explore

CoD created an amazing depiction of the Normandy landings, but how about we look at a new unexplored WW2 location?

As Mentioned in our last post, there are a ton of recent video games set during the Second World War.  However one destination seems to be particularly popular as a backdrop to many of these WW2 games, France.

We think it’s about time game developers got a bit more creative (and perhaps read up on some WW2 events that took place in locations other than in normandy!).   And, since the Nazis are firm favorite video game villains, it’s unlikely the onslaught of WW2 games will be going away any time soon.  It’s not a surprise to hear people say that they’re fed up of playing WW2 games if they are playing the same battles in the same locations over and over again.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the the Second World War was fought across the globe (I think the clue is in the title). North Africa, North Atlantic, the Middle East, Indian sub-continent, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, the South Pacific, even Australasia, so It’s about time we looked a little further afield when designing a new WW2 game

We have studies just a few theatres that are yet to be represented in a quality game title.  Developers take note!

The Malayan Campaign – The Pearl Harbour attacks from Japan have been covered by games and films alike over the years.  But there has been little in terms of their first attacks on the British Empire. The Malayan campaign saw the Japanese take on the un-expecting British, Australian, Indian and local forces, which essentially ended with the fall of Singapore, the largest surrender of the British Armed forces in history.

East Africa – The East African campaign is often forgotten.  It saw a mass of troops badged as “British”, from Britain, India, Africa, Belgium and even Palestine take on the then known Italians; or modern day Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Sudan. Not the biggest or well know conflict ever but the terrain and story alone is enough to engage even the hardiest of gamers.

Korea – Korea was a backdrop for a massive amount of action in final days of the Second World War after the defeat of the Germans.  The Soviet Union were free to open up to the Pacific, taking on Japan with invasions of Mongolia and Korea.  The Japanese forces had no choice to surrender to the Soviet Union, who’s brutality and speed left the Japanese no other option.

New Guinea – During 1942, back when the island of New Guinea was governed by Australia, was invaded by Japan. A bitter year-long conflict continued along the “Kokoda Track”, and was noted as the first time the Japanese land advance was blunted so courageously.

Finland – Finland is not a country that has had much press in terms of their involvement in the Second World War, but their story is quite incredible.  The Scandinavian state actually fought three separate conflicts during the war, switching sides throughout.  The first conflict, the Winter War, was when the Soviet Union invaded.  In an amazing turn of events, the Russians were defeated.  The second came when Finland joined forces with the Nazis, invading the USSR with a hope that they could regain some of their lost territory.  The Finland-Germany relationship was however somewhat short lived, and in 1944 the two countries fought tirelessly in Lapland, forcing the Germans to surrender themselves back to the then German-held Norway.

So there you have it, five unexplored pieces of WW2 history.  If we had time we could easily list many, many, more (the Chinese Communist Party’s guerilla war or Operation Pastorius anyone?), but this will just give you a flavor of the diversity of content that could be created under the infamous WW2 umbrella.  It certainly seems to us, that WW2 games still have a great deal to offer in terms of gaming experience, but we need some more educated developers to deliver some new alternative storylines.  Sorry France.



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