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» E3 2013: Brothers In Arms 3 – The new World War 2 Game for iPad


Well, its been a while since a blockbuster World War 2 game entered the market but we had a chance to see it in action at E3! It’s certainly not your standard first person game. Gameloft have taken what seems to be a calculated risk in creating a new style of control system that seems to be aligned more to the cover based style of the arcade classic Time Crisis with a modern edge that makes playing it on the iPad an absolute dream. The game can feel a little fixed as you control movement between various cover points, however it is incredibly easy to pick up and play, and extremely addictive.

When we first learnt of the new Brothers in Arms 3 game mechanics it was hard to get excited. It almost sounded like a backwards step towards a more ‘railed’ style of gameplay that would become boring quickly, but it doesn’t. If you are looking for a full blown WW2 shooter game then perhaps you will be disappointed (theres always Gameloft’s successful Modern Combat games), but if you want a game with breathtaking graphics thats easy to pick up and play, then you literally cannot get better than Brothers in Arms 3. It is our new favourite WW2 game of the moment, we literally couldn’t put it down!



Brother’s in arms will be released across Android and iOS. Watch this space for the release date!



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