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It is true that many of the best video games (in our view) are World War 2 games! But it may be hard to find the best WW2 games in amongst the sheer number of WW2 titles on offer.  This is where we hope to help, sorting the good from the bad and allowing WW2 game fans to make informed decisions on what games to buy or play.  From WW2 sniper games to ww2 board games, we cover it all.

The graph above shows the number of games released since 1980, relating to six of the western world’s greatest conflicts of the last century.  The most popular conflict to be translated to a game is way ahead of the pack.

Now you could ask questions such as what is the criteria for these games to be associated with their categories, or how can we be 100% sure the data is accurate or up to date?  But let’s face it, when the leader is as far ahead as this one, I think it’s safe to say it would make very little difference to the outcome.

So what can we learn from this data? WW2 games are popular? Yes.  WW2 games are abundant across the globe? Yes.  WW2 games will continue to be popular? It certainly looks that way.  WW2 gamers need a central resource to refer to and play games on? Yes, and here we are!




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