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Future of WW2 Games

New WW2 games are popping up all of the time, but gaming analysts believe that they’re a bit of a dying breed on major consoles and the PC. There has been a growing shift towards “modern warfare” per se as more recent battles, such as the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, gain a more prominent position in the eyes of both developers and gamers. So, what does the future actually hold for WW2 games? Let’s find out.

Yes, it appears as if the Second World War as a subject is slowly being phased out on the major consoles and PC. However, it’s by no means disappearing altogether. There are still many homebrew projects being developed all around the world that have World War II as their focal points. The only difference is that they’re being pigeon holed onto Android and iOS devices, where applications are seen as easier to develop and have approved by their respective vendors for distribution on either platform. It will likely be awhile before a major game featuring the Second World War is released onto a mainstream platform, but gamers won’t be short of options when it comes to their tablets or mobile phones.

It also appears that first person shooting games featuring the Second World War, which were once very popular and often seen as the “only choice” during their earliest stages, are now taking a back seat to strategy games. The shift towards this began in the mid 1990s with Panzer General for the PC, which proved to be one of the most popular turn based strategy games to be set in World War II. Since then, many developers have shown a preference towards creating strategy games for the subject matter rather than shooting games. There’s no obvious reason for this: first person shooters are at an all-time high in terms of their popularity. However, it’s possible that developers see the strategy genre as providing a more in-depth experience for players, which is something that compliments the idea of a war-based video game quite nicely.

For the time being, players will find new WW2 games on their cell phones or tablets and there are undoubtedly quite a few respectable options when it comes to having a fun gaming experience on the Android or iOS. These include both first person shooters and strategy games, but also quiz games and arcade games.

It’s difficult to project where the genre is going to go over the next few years. There’s unlikely to be a shift back to the mainstream anytime soon as developers see more financially viable opportunities elsewhere, but there’s certainly room for a few rogue releases that become cult classics along the way. I don’t foresee the Second World War making a re-entry onto the PC other than in the form of freeware games by independent developers, but newly launching consoles could provide a suitable entry point for mainstream developers involved in consoles games. However, it’s most likely that new WW2 games will be found within the Apple Market and Google Play.



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