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Mobile platform gaming is quickly becoming a socially accepted norm. With so many users gravitating towards portable devices for their day to day use, it only makes sense that the iOS is becoming overrun with games and applications that cater to just about every taste! iPad WW2 Games and iPhone WW2 games are within these tastes and iOS users are fortunately spoiled for choice when it comes to military gaming on their device(s). So, what are some of the titles that are worth looking out for? Here are the best ones worthy of your consideration:


10. Angry World War 2


In what’s best described as an Angry Birds clone, Angry World War 2 puts players in control of an unnamed Allied squadron who are set on defeating the Nazis in a rather amusing and comical way. The game plays similarly to other physics-based video games. Players must slide their finger along the screen to fling soldiers and various pieces of military equipment against specified enemy targets. Players are awarded extra points for “trick shots” that cause their equipment to bounce into additional enemies.

The game sports somewhat “blocky” visuals. From my perspective as a player, the game was rather pixelated and didn’t sport the refinement I’ve come to expect from modern tablets and portable devices. This does little to take away from the overall gameplay experience, but noticeably left a lot to be desired in the graphics department.

It’s perhaps enjoyed lightheartedly. WW2 strategy games tend to focus on the more realistic aspects of the war, but this seems a bit like a work in progress. Yes, it is a fully functional game with over 60 gameplay levels, but it becomes slightly repetitive as players go along. However, there’s no doubting the success of the Angry Birds franchise and this game will undoubtedly suit a variety of players.

Apple Rating – 3/5
Personal Rating – 3/5
Last Updated – July 03, 2013
Cost – $0.99 / £0.69

9. Strategy & Tactics: World War II


Strategy and Tactics is an interesting take on the World War II gaming scene. To begin, players take control of the Axis to overthrow key European locations throughout the war, then will become Allied forces to reclaim those key points they just conquered. It is a turn-based strategy game where micromanagement plays a key role in a player’s overall success on the battlefield. In between actual battles, players must research various technologies and develop industries within their conquered countries to support their armies. Like other strategy games, “levelling up” is required because a poorly developed army can cause players to be overrun by their enemies.

The majority of the game is set on an overhead map showing the commands that players are executing. It is very simple in its approach, but is crisp and doesn’t sport noticeable visual faults. However, this game might seem “too simple” for some when it comes to its visuals and with so many 3D video games for the iOS, it’s very difficult for this sort of game to compete despite its merits in historical accuracy and conformity to the requirements of a turn-based strategy game, but hey, the price is right!

The game is spread across eighteen scenarios, but also features quick skirmish games, and a WiFi based multiplayer mode. The game’s multiplayer mode is compatible with other devices that support the game, such as Android, so players needn’t both be using an iPad or iPhone in order to play against one another. It’s likely one that will keep players coming back despite its simplicity in the graphics department and the addition of a multiplayer mode certainly gives it quite a bit of replay value. I find it to be one of the better free-to-play options available for the iOS.

Apple Rating – 4/5
Personal Rating – 3.5/5
Last Updated – August 20, 2013
Cost – Free


8. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy


Combat flight simulators tend to take a special place on the majority of WW2 game lists. With the genre’s rising popularity that first peaked with the introduction of Combat Flight Simulator for the PC in the late 1990s, it seems gamers have been spoiled for choice ever since. In keeping with this idea, Sky Gamblers is a flight-based shooting game set in the Second World War. With historically accurate planes, players take to the skies and do aerial battle with opposing armies. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to differentiate between the actual campaigns. With everything set in the air, there’s no sense of Stalingrad or other scenarios that are widely used in land-based video games.

The visuals on this title are quite remarkable at this ranking and set the bar for games to come. The game features 4X AF filtering, HDR rendering, accurate transitions between night and day, and other little touches that accent the gameplay experience nicely. However, in having these features it sets a requirement of being only available for the iPad or iPhone 4S and higher. Older phones won’t be able to play this game without severely impairing the visual experience it has to offer.

What perhaps gives this game its replay value is its ability to customize planes with different colour schemes. Yes, this detracts from the historical aspects of the game, but certainly appeals to a wider category of players. There are also multiplayer modes typical of the FPS genre: free for all, team deathmatches, capture the flag, and so on. It really is an interesting package!

Apple Rating – 4/5
Personal Rating – 4/5
Last Updated – February 06, 2013
Cost – $2.99 / £1.99


7. Glory of Generals


Glory of Generals is another interesting spin on the turn-based strategy WW2 game. Unlike Strategy and Tactics though, there is a greater focus on the specifics of terrain when waging war against enemy units. Each invisibly marked grid square contains different land features, such as plains and forests, that cater to the use of specific units. For example, it’s not possible to move large artillery and tanks through forests efficiently due to the dense bush that restricts the unit’s mobility.

The game isn’t out of the ordinary when its comes to its graphics. It sports the typical overhead map that dominates much of this category with slightly cartoon-like visuals. While there’s a strong sense of historical accuracy spread across 35 campaigns, I did find that the childish approach to the graphics didn’t help the game very much.

Overall, there’s quite a bit of depth to this game that will keep strategy enthusiasts occupied for quite some time. The element of variable terrain certainly gives the game a more thoughtful touch and closely resembles Panzer General: one of the most popular WW2 strategy games on the PC in the mid-1990s.

Apple Rating – 4/5
Personal Rating – 4/5
Last Updated – July 03, 2013
Cost – $2.99 / £1.99

6. Frontline Commando: D-Day

Top ipad and iphone games ios 6

Many players don’t associate portable devices like the iPad with 3D gaming, but Frontline Commando proves that the device and indeed the platform at large is quite capable of handling demanding games that are comparable to modern releases on the PC. Players assume the role of Allied forces on D-Day in attempts to take back Normandy. The game offers a whopping 145 separate missions across five distinct campaigns throughout France. It’s also possible to purchase in-game character upgrades to enhance the experience, but they’re by no means required – although many players have commented that their success was largely dependent on the paid-for upgrades they had associated with their characters.

Visually, Frontine Commando offers a stunning experience on the iOS. The graphics are crisp, refined, and highly detailed. One of the biggest victories of this game is its ability to simulate a full-fledged PC game using the comparably limited hardware available to the iPad and iPhone, but Glu Games Inc. was able to do just that with resounding success.

Frontline Commando is by no means the best FPS game for the iOS. However, it stands out as a cut above many offerings for this platform and comes with a free price tag that’s certain to please those who remain unsure of its merits. In its most recent update, Glu Games Inc. announced they were now providing free items for those who play the game on a daily basis in the form of a “resource pack” that’s applied to a player’s account daily, which further increased the perception players hold when it comes to “value for money” per se.

Apple Rating – 4/5
Personal Rating – 4/5
Last Updated – July 25, 2013
Cost – Free

5. Toy Defense

Top ipad and iphone games ios 5

Tower Defense games hold a special place in my heart. “TD” was one of the most successful user modifications for StarCraft and Warcraft III on the PC (itself a revival of Atari’s Rampart), but these mods are ones that have followed strategy games ever since they proved to be quite popular. Toy Defense is a TD game that requires players to position various towers that prevent enemies from passing through to the end of a complicated course. In doing so, players will be awarded in-game cash based on their performance, which is then used to purchase additional or stronger towers. The process repeats itself until players have either lost all of their lives or successfully pass each round.

Visually, Toy Defense leaves a bit to be desired. The game is presented from an overhead map and attempts to feature a variety of different enemy units, but they’re difficult to differentiate when swarms of enemies cluster around specific points. This is made even more difficult due to the presence of health status bars, which eventually become endless streams of decreasing red blobs. This would normally be forgivable on a computer game due to the much higher resolution that computer monitors offer players. However, on a portable device, it’s painstakingly noticeable.

Despite this, Toy Defense is a must-have for those who enjoy TD games. To have such a popular game set in the Second World War is an interesting take on an otherwise futuristic or medieval fantasy dominated subgenre. It is well-reviewed within the community and would make a great addition to a WW2 game collection.

Apple Rating – 4.5/5
Personal Rating – 4/5
Last Updated – July 24, 2013
Cost – $0.99 / £0.69


4. World Conqueror 2


World Conqueror 2 is what would happen if The Second World War’s leading generals sat down to play the board game, RISK. In it, players are able to assume their own identities, but must wage war against such generals (Patton, Rommel, Nimitz, etc.) or choose to ally with them. In doing so, they’ll be able to reap the rewards of these generals and the unique firepower they brought to the war. For example, Rommel was well-known for his use of heavy artillery, whereas Nimitz was interested in sporting aircraft carrier fleets – all of which are well-represented in this game. Players also have access to quite a few fortification or defence options. While “leaving troops behind” is required in RISK, players are able to go one step further by constructing anti-aircraft weapons and radars.

What’s interesting about this game are its battle scenes. What would be represented by “dice rolling” during an attack is a cinematic feature with animated duelling units. This certainly breathes quite a bit of life into an otherwise overhead view of a map, which is accented by various images of units and countries that players control.

World Conqueror 2 is certainly one of the most interesting takes on RISK that I’ve come across in recent years. For a short time, players are able to try it “risk free” per se as it’s freely available to download. It’s unknown when this is set to change, but players should jump on this one as quickly as possible!

Apple Rating – 4.5/5
Personal Rating – 4/5
Last Updated – May 09, 2013
Cost – Free


3. iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 by EpicForce

Top ipad and iphone games ios 3

Another game that evokes pleasant memories in me is iFighter 2. It is a vertical shooting game that sees players control an unidentified air plane during the Pacific Theater of World War II. Vertical shooters were exceptionally popular in the early coin-operated arcade and some of the more popular early video game consoles. It’s difficult to pinpoint why, but the experience is quite hard to match in terms of an arcade game. iFighter is a shining example of this type of game that adheres to the fundamentals of how they’re played while offering a slight spin to suit more modern players. The game remains exclusively “vertical” in terms of how enemies approach, but players will also have to be aware of enemies beneath them and use special power-ups to eliminate them, which effectively adds another dimension to the experience.

iFighter makes passable use of the hardware available to iOS devices. The game moves fluidly and features a few sharp animations during explosion scenes that look quite good on a portable device. Some heavy battle scenes can cause a fury of orange and red effects, but these are few and far between so as to not overcrowd a player’s field of vision.

It’s hard to recommend a better vertical shooter game than iFighter 2. It’s one that will very likely suit a more mature crowd who grew up with games similar to this, like I did. However, it offers enough lasting appeal to suit younger players in order to bring forth the next generation of vertical shooters. The price is right, too!

Apple Rating – 4.5/5
Personal Rating – 4.5/5
Last Updated – January 27, 2013
Cost – Free


2. Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front

Top ipad and iphone games ios 2

If there is ever going to be an iOS game that sets the bar for the best WW2 games, then it’s likely going to be Brothers in Arms 2. While this title was only slightly edged by my first place pick, it is by no means a true runner-up. It is a first person shooter that is set throughout the largest battles during the war, but is enriched with various features that make it a cut above the rest on iOS. Players are able to take control of vehicles, have access to well-animated firepower, and will play across 50 missions that are sure to keep players occupied for quite some time. If this wasn’t enough, Brothers in Arms 2 is also Duo Gamer enabled, which allows players to make use of a console-like controller while playing the game.

It’s hard to find a game better in the graphics department, too. The game is chock full of stunning cinematic features and an impressive 3D gameplay experience. However, this in itself is a double-edged sword. While the game is mostly fluid and plays well, heavy battle scenes create a noticeable framerate stutter. Luckily there aren’t many of them in the game, but will be apparent to players as they occur.

It was difficult to put this game in my second place position. It is a game that’s worthy of first place in many respects (and is often a first place game in the eyes of many reviewers), but there was another title that was more befitting of holding the gold medal.

Apple Rating – 4.5/5
Personal Rating – 4.5/5
Last Updated – October 22, 2012
Cost – Free


1. Blitz Brigade

Top ipad and iphone games ios 1 blitz

Blitz Brigade is perhaps best described as a clone of one of the most popular first person shooters on the PC, Team Fortress 2. In it, players assume the identity of one of five distinct classes and wage war on almost cartoon-like representations of some of World War II’s most distinguished battlefields. However, the game doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. The characters are quite comical in their appearances and have various taunts and gestures to lighten the overall mood of the game. It is a well-played multiplayer game, too. Players can either play locally with friends over WiFi or can connect to a larger network through 3G for matchmaking over wider areas.

I quite enjoy the relaxed visual experience the game has to offer. While I’m able to pick up distinct objects that have some semblance of historical accuracy, the way they’re presented makes the game all the more enjoyable. For so long, the genre has been dominated by games that strive to perfect every last piece of detail in as accurate of a fashion as possible. This game doesn’t do that at all, while still having elements of the war for players seeking them.

TF2 players will feel right at home on Blitz Brigade. It’s hard to find fault with this title and it is almost flawlessly reviewed by players; only being brought down by a few rogue opinions in its earliest stages. As a free-to-play game, it trumps all from the top iPad WW2 games and iPhone WW2 games and I’d even go as far as nominating it within the top FPS games for the iOS. It’s simply hard to beat!

Apple Rating – 4.5/5
Personal Rating – 5/5
Last Updated – May 23, 2012
Cost – Free



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