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Following on from the success of the iOS, Android devices have now become some of the hottest selling tablets and mobile phones on the market today. Like their Apple counterparts, they’ve become the go-to device for a user’s day to day requirements, so it only makes sense that gaming was a part of this need and Android users certainly have quite a catalogue of games available for them. However, what are the best Android WW2 Games available on the market today? Let’s review the top five:


5. WWII: D-Day

While this is perhaps best listed as an honorary mention, WWII: D-Day puts players in control of an unidentified soldier at the peak of D-Day. It is a 3D first person shooter game, which very closely resembles the ever-popular Counter Strike for the PC. While it is quite dated by today’s standards, the game still stands out as one of the best gameplay and visual experiences that earlier Android video games had to offer. However, it may not satisfy the needs of more modern gamers who demand the absolute best from their devices. Nonetheless, it is still very much worth a try.

Yes, the visuals for WWII: D-Day are rock solid and stand out with some of the best WW2 Games available for the platform. The images were rendered in such a way that they were even known to tax some of the earliest Android devices, but this likely won’t pose an issue on today’s devices with more “power under the hood” per se.

It’s difficult to find WWII: D-Day nowadays as it’s currently not listed in the Google Play catalogue. However, interested players will find it on the developer’s official website (PlayerX). It is by no means the best WW2 experience available for the Android platform, but those loyal to the Counter Strike engine will feel right at home while playing it.

Google Rating – N/A
Personal Rating – 3/5
Last Updated – March 08, 2010
Cost – $4.99


4. Second World War

Android games tend to come with a love it or hate it type feel and Second World War certainly lives up to this impression. It is one of the most hotly disputed WW2 strategy games on the platform in terms of user reception: most love it, but there is a vocal community of players who hate it. Very few are on the fence about it! In it, players control Allied forces as they work through Normandy, the Winter War, the Battle of Leningrad, and other key battles during the Second World War. Like other real-time strategy games, players must micromanage their forces by researching various technologies and amassing a battle-worthy army. There are 66 stages in the game, which should keep players occupied for quite some time!

The game is perhaps let down by its visuals, though some players may not see it that way. They are very cartoon-like in their presentation and almost resemble the popular Army Men series from the late 1990s. Despite this, the action is fluid and there were no noticeable slowdowns or stutters that I was aware of. The graphics are generally crisp, but did have some blending in forested areas where the green Allied troops tended to mask themselves with the dense greenery.

This game isn’t one that’s going to have its disputes sorted out any time soon. I’m very much on the “love it” side and have found it to be one of the simpler RTS games I’ve played, which combined with a sense of historical accuracy made for a good overall gaming experience. Your mileage may vary it seems.

Google Rating – 3/5
Personal Rating – 3.5/5
Last Updated – February 22, 2012
Cost – £1.24


3. Strategy & Tactics: WWII

It’s rare that games do double duty in my mind as there’s usually a platform, console, or release that stands out as a cut above the rest when it comes to the gameplay experience. The iOS version is very well-reviewed and features quite a substantial community of players, but the same could equally be said of the Android version, which would make it difficult to not include this WW2 strategy game in the mix. Strategy and Tactics also features a rather unique take on the whole WW2 genre, which first sees players controlling Axis forces to overthrow key European locations, then taking control of the Allies to reclaim those very same locations. It is a turn-based strategy game where players need to pay particular attention to their research and development industries on both sides. These play an active role in supporting armies rather than just “levelling up” troops; although this is a key need for players, like other strategy games.

Like other turn-based strategy games, the graphics leave quite a bit to be desired. This game is no exception. Strategy and Tactics is presented from an overhead view that allows players to see key points within the map and the moves they’re executing. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the way the game is presented and the visuals are crisp and vivid, but the game might come across as “too simple” for some players.

Like the iOS, the game’s key selling point is its WiFi multiplayer mode that’s cross compatible with the iOS. This means Android and iPad or iPhone users won’t need to change their devices in order to play with one another. This alone gives quite a bit of replay value.

Google Rating – 4.2/5
Personal Rating – 4/5
Last Updated – August 13, 2013
Cost – £3.35


2. WWII: Defense Zombie

Many WW2 strategy games tend to be on the lookout for ways to inject historical accuracy into their experiences. While there is some semblance of historical accuracy in Defense Zombie (weapons, settings, etc), the entire gameplay experience is rather humorous and lighthearted in its execution. Rather than being faced by the typical Axis enemy, players will encounter their undead former identities. It is a Tower Defense or “TD” game, which requires players to fortify routes of towers in order to stop enemies from reaching the end of an obstacle course. The hordes of enemies continue until players have either successfully stopped the enemy or have lost their in-game lives in the process.

TD games aren’t particularly well-known for their strengths in the graphics department, but Defense Zombie is a rare exception. The game is rendered in UHD quality, which makes full use of HD-enabled Android devices for a clarity that’s second to none. This sort of quality is particularly well-geared towards larger Android tablets, but smaller cell phones will be noticeably clearer, too. This can be a double-edged sword though. Older Android devices will find this game very taxing because of its UHD rendering. Adjusting the graphics settings and disabling HD features would definitely help those with older Android devices.

I’ve been a fan of TD games since they found their way into StarCraft all of those years ago and Zombie Defense is no exception. It’s been a mainstay in my Android lineup and will likely continue to be played for a long time to come.

Google Rating – 4.3/5
Personal Rating – 4.5/5
Last Updated – August 28, 2013
Cost – £2.50 (Free demo available)


1. Guns n’ Glory: WWII

Guns n’ Glory first started as a game that was set out in the Wild West and proved to be very popular on the Android. Since then, it has moved into the realm of the Second World War with its current release. In it, players are free to choose either the Allies or Axis and wage war within the Western Front. It is a real time strategy game where players are required to train and develop armies before leading them into battle. However, unlike other RTS games, harvesting resources for training doesn’t play a significant role in Guns n’ Glory. Instead, players must earn Glory Coins that are rewarded for successful performances on the battlefield.

Guns n’ Glory is minimalistic in terms of its graphics, but does so in a flawless execution that it’s hard to find fault with the visuals on offer. Yes, they’re very simple in terms of their presentation, but it’s pretty easy to distinguish characters and the almost comical nature of the characters make interaction with them quite fun. I wasn’t able to find any evidence of slowdowns or stuttering throughout my time playing the game and have been advised that it will work on Android 2.1 and above.

If real time strategy games are your forte, then Guns n’ Glory stands out as the best WW2 strategy game and indeed one of the best Android WW2 games on the market today. This is backed by an overwhelmingly positive community rating where most players thoroughly enjoy the game. With a price tag of zero, it’s hard to go wrong!

Google Rating – 4.7/5
Personal Rating – 4.5/5
Last Updated – August 27, 2013
Cost – Free



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