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» War Thunder – The First WW2 Game for PS4

The PS4 is on its way and whether you’ve ordered one or not, chances are you are intrigued as to what its launch titles will be.  But the big question that has always plagues us is are there any World War 2 games included in the launch? Well, surprising as it may sound there is one, and it’s looking very promising indeed!

The game I speak of is known as War Thunder.  Even if you have been hooked to everything PS4 over the last few months, this could be a title that you have glossed over as its media coverage has not been overly extensive in comparison to some of the more well-known titles.  But I think it’s time that changed.

Developers of War Thunder; Gaigin Entertainment, may not have a given the game a name that jumps out at us but they are not new to the WW2 scene, infact they were the brains behind one of our personal favorites, as mentioned in our Top 10 WW2 Games; IL2-Sturmovik.  War Thunder seems to have inherited all of IL2-Sturmovik’s favorable qualities too, such as heavily intense but simple air combat gameplay linked with a capturing atmosphere and storyline.  War Thunder may not be a direct follow up to IL2-Sturmovik, but it sure is cut from the same wonderful cloth.

The first thing that stirkes me is the simplicity of the controls, most flight games we have seen previously have required 3 hands in some cases.  War Thunder is simple enough to take it one handed at times with 2 main inputs, shoot and steer.  This motion guided control scheme has been directly inherited from its beta launched PC version which landed in late 2012.  This will mean that the PS4 gamers will have a 3,000,000,000 strong online community of players to battle it out from day one!

The incredible ‘steering sight’ allows the user to see the planes upcoming flight path to guide the plane appropriately.  This gives the game a wonderful arcade like feel without moving away from the realistic flight sim concept.

And if all this talk of flying is making you feel a little air sick then War Thunder has something up its sleeve that will bring you back down to solid ground.  Vehicle battles are a key part of the game which is set for a later roll out post release, taking place on the same maps as the air battles on a 200km x 200km stip of land they look truly epic.  The air and land battles will be seamlessly linked allowing you to take to the sky and air to battle it out from all angles.

And if that wasn’t enough, Sea battles complete the infamous Land Sea & Air trio.  Think aircraft carriers, warships and air to sea bombing.  War Thunder really has it all going on, it is a truly next gen game, with maps the size of whole countries and every vehicle based battle angle covered we really are in for a treat.  It looks like we may need to rewrite out top 10 WW2 games list very soon!

So how much will this amazing game set you back?  Well, it’s free!! So what excuse have you got now?




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